Camouflage style full waterproof childrens watch, bring out personality, let the children energetic and cool
2018-06-11 2686

With the increasing popularity of children's smart watches, there are also children's smart watches with various functions on the market. Children are born to love to play, go out in the morning or clean, and come back at night is basically a dirty. And now, whether it is a school kindergarten or a community park, there are more places for children to play in the water. If the watch is damaged by water, it will be secondary, but if you lose contact with the child, there will be certain safety hazards. Therefore, the waterproof function of children's watches is particularly important!

he Hangtong Intelligent Waterproof Children's Watch launched by Hangtong Group allows children to liberate themselves. As a new product in 2017, the waterproof function of the Hangtong intelligent waterproof children's watch has reached IPX7 level! For the daily rain that children usually encounter, washing hands, bathing, bathing and the like will not cause any problems. Even they can even talk in the water (video at the end of the text!), to achieve the same level of waterproof as Apple smart watches. Dust level!

In addition to its superior waterproof and dustproof rating, Hangtong Intelligent Waterproof Children's Watch has created the world's first camouflage children's smart watch, creatively combining glamorous pink, lively green and traditional camouflage elements. Unique charm. At the same time, the strap is made of edible grade silicone, which is healthier. Candy-colored, camouflage styles of 4 new styles, silky touch, will be loved by children!
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