Motorcycle GPS Tracker MPIP-620

It looks like clairvoyant for anti-lost.

Smart App  |  Remotely power off  |  Common used in cars and motorcycles

Mini size, easy to install

Multi functions, precise positioning

MPIP-620 is mini simple GPS tracker for vehicles. It can be used in motorcycles, cars and ect. Built-in GPS module and antennas, can get positions promptly and precisely. Combined with mobile Apps, can monitor vehicles anywhere and anytime. Connection with relays, can support power off remotely .

To protect your vehicles like housekeeper

Give all-around attention for your beloved vehicles

It can get precise positions from smart self-development App. From App, users can collect info including real-time positions,
historical route and Google map browse.

Set Geo-fence to receive safety alarm

Precise positions keep vehicles safety

GPS module with high sensitivity get precise positions anytime.

Adopting multi positioning modes

Geo-fence reminder by SMS give users more easy.

As if to cars built on the invisible protection wall, to protect your travel safety, when leaving out of the security fence, the mobile phone App will remind promptly to anti-lost.

Historical route

You can master your vehicles any time

You can check where vehicles have been by mobile App. And it can keep the records of historical route for 30 days.


Remotely engine cut off

Once cars were stolen by the thief, the devices can detect it and send alarms to your mobile phone. Then you can power off the cars remotely by Apps for anti-theft.
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