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OBD GPS Tracker IDD-213L

No installation, only plug-and-play,the device can easily connect with OBD port to acquire real time data, read diagnostic info from vehicle ECU
and send them to backend server for real-time remote diagnostic and tracking purpose.It also can support 4G WIFI hotspot

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Our 4G OBD GPS tracker IDD-213L

It will help you to avoid these awkwardness.
Because it can support vehicle GPS tracking
and reading OBD diagnostic datas

What's happen when you were driving?

TFT screen, eyes protection

Plug-and-play, easy to install

simple to install, easy to use

It is easy to install, only plug-and-play to save much installation fee. Supports all OBD protocols, SAE J1939 CANBUS,SAE J1708/J1587 protocol. Compatible 95% brand vehicles production year 2007 in the market

Driving behaviors analysis

Increase awareness of safety, far away from dad driving behaviors

Dangerous driving behavior identification based on accurate detect, over speed driving, hard acceleration, hard deceleration, hard breaking, sharp turn, urgent lanes change, hard refuel, fatigue driving. The alarms of bad driving behavior will remind you to drive safely and civilly, then avoid accidence caused by personal reasons.

Acquire positions anytime anywhere.

Adopt GPS technology, get positions precisely and promptly

It can report the real-time location according the time interval. Track it anytime and anywhere. Your car always keep in your sight.

Increase security when you borrow cars to friends

Even the cars were borrowed, you can manage the cars by mobile App

You can check the info about your cars via mobile Apps covering real-time positions, speed, mileage, fuel consumption and ect. Then you can monitor the borrower and keep cars safe.

Fuel Consumption

Be clear for fuel consumption, save more fuel

It can read the car fuel consumption data and summarize fuel consumption of each trip. Then you will be clear for change
of fuel consumption based on mileage.

Master your car , avoid burst accidents

Inspection and repair anywhere and any time

It can read the DTC code and engine data, such as RPM, speed ,coolant temperature ,help you to know the health status of the cars and avoid burst accidents.

Enjoy 4G Wifi hotspot freely

Give more convenience and comfort to your friend and family

It can act as an in-Vehicle WiFi hotspot, up to 8 WiFi enabled devices can be connected to share high speed 4G LTE network.

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