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Kids GPS Watch HT-770

Strong enough to work in water

IPX7  |  WIFI+GPS+LBS+AGPS+EPO  |  Dual-way talk  |  TFT Touch Screen/Multiple colors option

4 colors free choice

Camo green,Camo pink,Candy blue,Candy purple

Colorful straps, unique design, give more energy to children, catch everyone's eyes

TFT smooth touch screen

TFT screen, eyes protection

1.22 inch soft natural light, eyes-friendly, touch screen, easy to use

IPX7 waterproof design

worry free to make and answer phone call when swimming

Waterproof design, the baby bath, swimming and regularly water are protected.

Multiple positioning modes

5 ways positioning easily to have real time and accurate location

WIFI+GPS++AGPS+LBS+EPO 5 ways to position, to accelarate GPS cold start to have faster positioning and enables to find kids anytime and anywhere.

Dual way talk

Dual way talk + incoming call firewall to let kids stay away from strange call

HT-770 built in contact book, parents and kids could communicate freely whenever and wherever,morever,
its incoming call firewall could secure the kids not to be disturbed by strangers.

Voice message

Kids can chat with guardians by sending voice message

Close the distance, improve effective communication, share with each other.

Smart SOS alarm

Give more freedom to children

When the watch leaves the preset safe area,the
cross border alarm will be triggered


long press SOS for loop call;meanwhile sending

Remote Voice Monitoring

Automatic identification of the watch detection,
when the power is too low,alert would be sent to
mobile App.
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