Track your families
anytime anywhere

How can you guard your families anytime anywhere?The answer is: Lite Guardian,who can get the real-time location, set Geo-fence and check historical route of your children,parents ,pet and car.Whenever and wherever you are,you can always guard your families with your love.

Real-time location
Historical route

Mutiple connections
Tracking from anywhere simply

With the rapid development of society, people are much more busier; Thus they do not have enough time to care their families. What a headache !How we do?The answer is: Lite Guardian, who can give you multiple communication method like text message,voice chat and phone call.Anytime anywhere you want to show your careness,you only need log in Lite Guardian.

Phone call
Video call
Text message

All-around guardian
and security assurance

Nowadays kidnapping,information disclosure and fraud plagued our family. How we change the situation?The answer is: Lite Guardian,who can offer all-around guardian and security assurance by functions like real-time location, Geo-fence alert,SOS and also call filter; all data is encrypted to ensure your privacy security.

Call filter
Privacy security
Alarms reminder

Much smarter accompany
to enjoy family gathering

Because of heavy living pressure ,people are easier to neglect accompanying and managing children and parents' daily life. Relationship between family members are much more tense. How to solve this problem?The answer is : Lite Guardian,who can set daily plan (class,activities,etc) for children or parents to guarantee their health.

Remote power off
In-class mode

Travel freely
wonderful shopping experience

We are in a fast paced society, even travelling and shopping needs to be efficient.How to get this?The answer is : Lite Guardian,who can give you surrounding info and E-shop experience.Just one click, you can get the items you need.


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Loving Care Sincere accompany
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