4G Kids GPS Smart Watch HT-790

4G Network   /   HD photo   /   Quad-Core processor

4G network

The watch supports 4G network which can offer you faster internet access and clearer calls.

Parents should let their children grow

Enjoy a piece of mind with knowing exactly where your children are.
Real-time location

The watch support GPS&LBS&Wifi
positioning which can track your
children anytime anywhere.

Electronic Fence

You will receive an alert when your child
moves outside of the designated area.

Historical Playback

Check the places where the wearer has
been to within 30 days.

Dual-way communication

phone call&avoid unwanted calls

The watch can be used to make phone call freely but avoid unwanted calls once parents set white list on APP.

Family chat

Parents can create a chat group to share voice message and text between family members to establish more intimate relationship.

Unique design catch children's eyes.

Environmental material, more comfortable to wear.

Smoothly operation system, enjoy the fun.

Camera | Taking picture

It has Front-facing CMOS 30W to let children take pictures freely with 1GB(RAM)+8GB(ROM).

Big eye protection touch screen

clear textured image and touch-sensitive scroll

1.3 inch HD

320*320 Resolution


SOS call

Kids could long press the SOS key for help when they are in danger. The child can send help message to the guardian by pressing the SOS button for about 3 seconds, the smart watch will call the number setted before circularly. Guardian will instantly receive the call from the watch.

Disable in the class

Parents can set the disable time according to class time, when the kid is in class time,
the watch features are not available to ensure the normal order of school.
The kids could be more concentrated on the class.

Clock alarm

Setting clock alarms to wake him up in the morning or to remind him to do homework and ect. It helps you know more about your child's activity condition.


The watch can record the steps by the day to know children's activities.

Find the watch

The watch will have a bell ringing one minute after receiving the find watch command sent from APPs.
Press any key in the watch to stop ringing.

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