Hangtong shines on the old expo. Military and civilian integration application boosts wisdom and pension
2018-06-12 2302

On August 25th, the 2nd Shenzhen International Ageing Expo with the theme of “Promoting Exchange and Cooperation and Creating Shared Achievements” was grandly opened at the Convention and Exhibition Center.

As China gradually enters an aging society, all sectors of society pay more and more attention to the elderly. As a pioneer and explorer in the field of smart technology, the national and Shenzhen dual high-tech enterprises, Hangtong has been committed to creating beauty with technology and changing life with intelligence. In this old fair, Hangtong brought together the new products of its family business brand, the Guardian of Airline, to celebrate the event.

There are more than 200 theme booths in the No. 9 building of 15,000 square meters, including science and technology intelligent pension products, pension finance, old-age real estate, and old-age care institutions. Among them, the “Platform+APP+Intelligent Terminal+Service” created by Hangtong Family Brand is integrated. The big data cloud platform system has received wide attention.

It is understood that the Hangtong Guardian family intelligent care platform integrates advanced technologies such as positioning system, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, etc., which can realize functions such as equipment monitoring, GPS location query, equipment management, user management, etc. The PC side can view the location of vehicles, individuals, pets, etc. in real time, providing all-round intelligent services for the family, community, medical, and pension areas.

In this exhibition, Hangtong also launched a new product specially designed for the elderly: Hangtong elderly exclusive housekeeper smart watch HT770S, featuring real-time positioning, two-way communication, one-button SOS, smart reminder, IP67 dustproof and waterproof. Another sleek cloud smart watch, the HT880, is unique and has a variety of styles, comparable to iWatch. There is also a small personal locator that is not only a child who works outside and can't accompany parents at all times. The guarantee is even more comforting.

Hangtong has always adhered to the spirit of China's space for excellence, applying the most advanced aerospace technology and communication technology to the field of civilian consumption. The integration of military and civilian applications has promoted wisdom and pension, and has been highly recognized by the leaders of the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. In the past 30 years, Hangtong has not forgotten its original intentions. As always, it has fulfilled its mission of “creating value for customers”. At the same time, it has actively deployed overseas and entered the international markets such as Europe and the United States. It has gradually become a world-renowned location service product and industry solution provider. This time, with this old fair as an opportunity, Hangtong will continue to innovate and create better products and services for users.

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