Unleash the nature of the child and let the child explore the bigger world independently
2018-06-11 2225

With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more children's electronic products are constantly appearing. A good children's electronic product can not only enable children to learn knowledge, enjoy childhood fun, but also prevent children from becoming addicted to it. The Hunter Guardian provides a child-specific smart watch that not only fosters children's creative ability and responsibility, but also enhances their independence.

The HT-790 children's smart watch has a built-in high-precision positioning chip that helps children understand their responsibilities and creativity, allowing them to grow healthily and independently. This smart watch will be their little assistant, let the children have fun, help grow, and ensure the safety of their children.

As a children's smart watch, the HT-790 is easy for kids to enjoy, easy to use, easy to use and maintain. The watch has built-in features that kids are interested in and security features that help parents. From the moment the children wake up, the HT-790 will become a friend of the child and follow them all day.

HT-790 can cultivate children's sense of responsibility. It can be used as a learning tool to help children organize their time and achieve self-discipline. By setting the schedule through the watch, the children's organizational ability is stronger, parents can help the child to create tasks and reminders, such as the "sleep time" and "game time" can be arranged in the reminder.

The alarm clock function is also very useful, although we all know that children have a lot of time, but it is also very important to let the children know when to do something. Setting an alarm clock is also a good way. In addition, the watch can also be set to the class mode, because it comes with some entertainment features, if you want your child to focus on learning. This model will ensure that the children's attention is focused on the classroom.

HT-790 can develop a child's independent personality. This watch is designed for parents who care about their children's safety. We all know that parents can't stay with their children all the time. This watch allows children to freely move while parents can keep track of their children. position. As a parent, ensuring children's safety is the number one priority. Wearing the HT-790 watch can not only track the child's position, but also activate the SOS function if they encounter difficulties. The watch will send the parents their location and immediately establish a voice chat connection. Parents can directly and The children talked and told them what to do.

The HT-790 watch allows parents to create a safe zone and they will be notified immediately if the child leaves the area. If the child is lost, this smart watch can also help them find their way home. With this watch, parents can safely let the children explore the unknown world.

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