I am at the show | Airline Home Internet of Things solutions shine, and receive much attention!
2018-06-12 2475

From April 13th to 16th, the 14th Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair (HKTDC 2018) is in full swing at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. As a well-known home Internet of Things brand affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Communications Co., Ltd. ("Airline Group", stock code 01185), Airline Guardian is the latest home Internet of Things app and the latest wearable devices for the elderly, adult wearable devices, and children's wear. Equipment, pet wear equipment, car smart equipment and other software and hardware solutions were presented at the exhibition. The on-site Hangtong booth is very popular, and the home Internet of Things solutions that are carried are attracting much attention and attracting many visitors.

As a well-known domestic Internet of Things brand, Hangtong is committed to providing a complete set of Internet of Things solutions for the elderly, children, pets, private cars and motorcycles in the family. With the philosophy of “Love needs to be guarded”, Daji Cangsheng is a professional guardian of every family member. Through more than 30 years of precipitation in the Beidou/GPS satellite positioning system, wireless communication, and Internet of Things applications, China Airlines has a mature home Internet of Things ecosystem. The system is a home Internet of Things ecosystem that integrates intelligent hardware, software systems, big data analysis, and cloud storage. It enables elderly/child monitoring, anti-lost, family communication, emergency rescue, smart campus, aged care, health monitoring, and sports. Step counting, remote monitoring, dog-sharing, location tracking, pet anti-lost, vehicle energy-saving diagnosis, vehicle positioning anti-theft, driving behavior, UBI car insurance and many other functions. It can be said that with the guardian of the airline, you can easily solve a series of problems in the family, such as people, cars, pets, so that you can live a happy life and enjoy the family moments.

At the exhibition site, many industry audiences and professional audiences expressed their praise after experiencing our smart hardware and APP. Some viewers also complained to us that there are too many homogenized products on the market and there are too few boutiques. This Xiaobian is also not good to compare, but now the homogenization of products is really serious. In the period of strong market demand, a large number of players are crowded at one time, and the quality of the products is uneven, which brings the choice of consumers. A lot of confusion. There are many people who attend the event, and there are fewer people. Hangtong guardian well-known household Internet of Things brand, in the hardware selection, we have always carefully selected, the cost of the next foot. Regardless of the positioning chip, product battery and screen selection, we use the industry's high quality standards. Therefore, our hardware products are in the leading position in the industry in terms of waterproof performance, positioning accuracy, call quality, endurance and screen clarity.

As far as APP is concerned, Xiao Bian thinks that nothing is more important than fit. As a fully self-developed platform, the Hunter Guardian has been researching related aspects close to the user at the beginning of development, so the Hangtong Guardian APP launched by Hangtong is not only fun, but also fits the user's operating habits. It allows consumers to easily manage devices, real-time positioning, two-way calling, intelligent voice, track query, fence setting, one-click help, and other functions such as online shopping and search for convenience, which is convenient for consumers to travel and shop. Compared with other similar APPs, it not only contains a series of rich dynamic effects and scene dynamic interaction, which makes consumers more interesting to operate; and Hangtong has more than 30 years of operation and maintenance experience and powerful management system. Consumer privacy protection and precise positioning.

At the exhibition site, Hangtong's outstanding intelligent hardware and mature home Internet of Things solutions became the focus of the exhibition, attracting many visitors. The home Internet of Things system independently developed by Hangtong has attracted the attention of many people in the industry and has been highly recognized.

The exhibition will last until April 16th, and more exciting waiting for you, we look forward to meeting you at the "Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show (HKTDC 2018)"!

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