Water Call? Hangtong full waterproof childrens watch stunningly unveiled at the Hong Kong show 2017
2018-06-12 2066

       From April 13th to 16th, the 2017 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show was grandly opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the largest and industry-leading electronic exhibition in Asia, the exhibition brought together more than 3,000 manufacturers from around the world, attracting more than 20,000 industry buyers from all over the world.

       As a national and Shenzhen dual high-tech enterprise, Beidou/GPS satellite positioning system, wireless communication, Internet of Things application pioneers and explorers, Hangtong Group also carries the Beidou/GPS navigation guardian family intelligent product series, Beidou/GPS Car accessories and other categories of up to 28 products, dressed in the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show.

       Among them, the most eye-catching one is a new product designed by Hong Kong designers---Hangtong HT770 full waterproof children's wisdom watch, its appearance is colorful, colorful candy blue, candy purple and children's colorful and lively personality complement each other. The world's first camouflage watch, created by creativity, exudes a unique charm that attracts exhibitors and exhibitors and children from home and abroad to stop and watch. According to reports, the watch is IPX7 waterproof, can be soaked in 1M deep water for at least 30 minutes, the field staff directly put the watch into the fish tank, and on-site waterproof demonstration, the watch soaked in the water, still can be dialed or connected normally Make phone call. In addition, the five-fold positioning can easily cope with the challenges of various complex environments, and keep track of the children's whereabouts; two-way call + call firewall allows parents and children to share happiness while effectively preventing other strangers from harassing; electronic fence + SOS function double guarantee, let the children Always get a safe guardian; listen to it remotely and let love add a little distance. Once the product was exhibited, it was immediately praised by the on-site exhibitors and highly praised. More foreign customers have requested to visit the company and establish a cooperative relationship after the exhibition.

       In addition to a number of high-tech products, the home smart care platform and the Airline Guardian APP application created by Hangtong Beidou's company, Hangtong Beidou, are also worthy of attention. It is reported that the Hangtong Guardian family intelligent care platform integrates equipment monitoring, GPS location query, equipment management, user management, etc., which is convenient for organizations and users to view vehicles, individuals, pets, etc. in real time through the PC, and is committed to the elderly in the family. The positioning of children, pets, private cars and motorcycles is anti-lost. At the same time, the depth of layout is carried out through the intelligent care platform, and the international market such as Europe and the United States is deeply cultivated with the operation mode of “product + platform + service”.

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