Going up is it? Chasing blood? 1V5? No brain spray? This will keep the pupils away from the glory of the king!
2018-06-11 2567

       There was such an incident in Hebei Province. A young boy in the second grade of elementary school morning morning, because he was addicted to the game of the king’s glory, he made an excuse to take his grandmother’s mobile phone to the school to play games. As a result, the test scores plummeted, causing parents to Attention. A fifth-grade elementary school student in Zhejiang played "King of Glory" for two months and spent more than 38,000 yuan in cash. The child made a bloody book in the game, and created 126 WeChat fast payment transactions in 3 months, amounting to more than 38,000 yuan. There are characteristics on the Internet that summarize the glory of the primary school students playing the king: go up and do it! chasing blood, 1V5, no brain spray! In this regard, the players are afraid of encountering primary school students, and the parents of primary school students are also very headaches. In recent days, a TV news reported a news report from a primary school parents about Tencent and asked them to have a conscience?

For the above main reasons, the childcare experts gave several suggestions:

1. Parents care more about their children, and spend at least one hour each day interacting with their children to care for their children's lives and learning.

2. Encourage children to make more friends, improve their social skills, and use social time to occupy the game time.

3. Develop other hobbies and hobbies to transfer his sense of accomplishment from learning to other aspects.

4, the culprit of the child addicted to the game is the parents, because parents provide the necessary tools for the game. Therefore, parents are advised not to buy a smartphone for their child.

It is not difficult to do the above. Parents can buy a children's phone watch for their children. For example, the child care watch for children, the parent can call the child's watch at any time, strengthen parent-child communication, and know the child's call. The location information, while the class disable function, prevent children from playing in class.

       The Airline Guardian Children's Watch also has the most accurate five-fold precision positioning technology in the country. Parents can check the child's current geographical location and historical track position at any time. Whether the child has to play the game machine after school, whether it is going to the Internet cafe or not. Parents can also listen to the function remotely at any time. Parents can listen to the child's voice at any time. This function is very good for children in strict control period.

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