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Smart car terminal without fear of thieves, let your car layer protection
2018-06-11 424

       With the increasing number of private cars in China, vehicle anti-theft has become an increasingly indispensable content. Although car theft is not a frequent occurrence, once it is encountered, it is an irreparable loss for the majority of private car owners. Especially now, the parking spaces in the community are tight, the security responsibility is poor, the parking lot management is not standardized, etc. In the event of a vehicle theft, it is almost impossible to define the responsibility and make up for the loss.

Private car demand application:
1. Anti-theft of items and vehicles in the vehicle when the vehicle is in use.
2. Use a positioning system for your own vehicle. Learn about location information, etc.
3, accurate positioning of the vehicle and quick and convenient search.
4. Emergency call and emergency rescue system.

Intelligent vehicle terminal function

1. Real-time positioning and tracking: Through the real-time positioning and tracking of the vehicle, the actual position of the vehicle can be grasped at any time, and the vehicle can be positioned and inquired in real time, and the owner can quickly grasp the position of the vehicle.
2. Historical track query: The state of any time period that can be played back and the time of any time in this time period include: time, location, speed, direction, docking time, etc. It is used to check the vehicle's driving route, gas station, and toll collection information.
3. Electronic fence: Draw an electronic fence of any shape on the map, that is, you can set the vehicle to be prohibited from entering, or you can set the vehicle to prohibit the exit of the fence. Once inside or out of the fence. Alert immediately.
4. One-button alarm: When the owner encounters a dangerous situation, press the emergency alarm button.
5. Remote power failure: According to the actual situation, the center will issue an order to immediately turn off the engine.
6. Overspeed alarm: preset minimum, maximum speed and overspeed time, the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed limit interval, and the duration exceeds the preset time to trigger the alarm. Used to monitor the movement of the vehicle, accidental parking, etc.
7. ACC monitoring: Connect the ACC ignition wire of the vehicle, check whether the vehicle is ignited or extinguished, automatically disarm after the vehicle is ignited, and automatically stop after the flameout, eliminating the trouble of manual fortification and disarming.
8. Intelligent anti-theft: trimming alarm (built-in lithium battery, can continue to work after sending the line and send alarm information), vibration alarm (built-in vibration sensor), one-button alarm, overspeed alarm, low electric alarm, electronic fence (vehicle exceeded The prescribed driving range is immediately alarmed)
9. Remote monitoring: the center can monitor the conversation inside the car, and can record when necessary
10. Remote power off and power off: If necessary, the center will issue a command to lock the car, and the vehicle will not be used once it stops.
11. Mileage statistics: The vehicle detailed mileage summary, automatically generate reports to help manage your vehicle information.
13. Long standby: one positioning per day, standby up to 1200 days.
14. Manufacturing of large factories: military-grade materials, not easy to damage.
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