What features are currently available for smart watches for the elderly?
2018-06-11 2135

Under the premise of not affecting daily life (small size, portable belt, embedded), real-time continuous measurement (cloud data network platform) can be realized through various parameters (blood pressure, heart rate, calories, temperature, oxygen saturation, blood sugar) , weight), establish electronic files and conduct analysis and early warning, intervention by professional team, health checkup and remote consultation, emergency rescue service in case of emergency, and user information in the way of "Internet of Things cloud computing platform" Through mobile interactive terminals, mobile APP and professional PC terminals, relatives, doctors, experts and managers can be monitored in a timely and effective manner.

 This is the requirement that the smart product industry wants to do now. It is also a problem that many companies have been working on, but what is the actual situation?

  In addition to the basic technical functions of the watch, the old-age smart watch will increase the reminder, positioning, heart rate, mobile communication functions, etc., and add some auxiliary application functions at most. Usually, such an old smart watch is a reduced version of the phone, or a stand-alone version of the smart wearable device.

 Upgraded version of the old smart watch, on the basis of the above functions, will add some interactive functions, such as through the mobile phone APP, easy for users and relatives to share data, in the event of an emergency, at least the relatives can know in time, and take appropriate Rescue measures. However, such smart watches still can not achieve the ideal requirements, because if the relatives are far away, do not understand the actual situation, and notify the relevant rescue agencies to arrive at the scene, perhaps missed the "gold rescue time."

 The Airline Guardian Smart Old Watch, because it not only realizes the functions of the first two generations of products, but also implements cloud interactive services, has a variety of automatic personal health detection functions, and can also use the cloud data platform to analyze and process health data and feedback. Health report, in special cases, the back-office service staff can also provide platinum 10 minutes self-help, automatic setting in the background, and can store personal health data in the cloud, which is convenient for relatives, doctors, etc. The "smart watch" that is currently admired by the elderly on the market.

As a well-known enterprise in the smart wearable industry, the Guardian of Hangtong has been committed to the construction of the home Internet of Things, and strives to achieve the full protection of family members. At present, the intelligent old-age watch under the Guardian of Hangtong is one of its smart applications. It is hoped that it can be integrated into the smart old-age business, so that middle-aged and elderly people can also enjoy the care of high-tech life.

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