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What is the positioning accuracy of the watch?
The realization and accuracy depend on the GPS network system, GSM (GPRS) network system, GIS (geographic information) system and electronic computer system. When scanning to effective WiFi, indoor positioning can ideally reach 20 meters. In outdoor open areas, when using GPS positioning, the accuracy is optimally up to 5 meters.
Will the automatic alarm reminder if the watch is out of power?
The watch automatically recognizes and detects. When the battery's power is lower than 15%, the low battery alarm is sent to the platform once, and the watch terminal also prompts the low battery alarm (the low battery alarm has no SMS function).
Can you still position in classroom mode?
In the classroom mode, you can still locate, just turn off the sound of the watch using the phone, chat and other functions.
How long does it take for a childs smart watch to be fully charged?
It can be filled in about two hours
Why cant my watch call with a strange number?
In order to ensure the safety of children, only the mobile phone number in the list of whitelisted guardian members added by the administrator can talk to the watch, which can prevent the harassment of strange numbers and fraudulent calls, and ensure the safety of the baby to the utmost extent.
Is the HT-790 watch waterproof? Can I take a bath with a swim?
HT-790 children's watch drops will not affect the use; but can not be soaked in water, please wash the watch when washing, bathing, swimming, so as not to cause damage to the water, affecting the use.
Which carriers does the childrens watch support?

Domestic support for mobile and Unicom's two major operators' SIM cards. The requirements for SIMs for watches are as follows: 

(1) Using a standard nano card (consistent with iPhone6 and Huawei P8), cutting the card by yourself may result in SIM damage and no card recognition; 

(2) The user first needs to activate the SIM card, and the watch needs to open the caller ID and 2/3/4G traffic data service.

How to upgrade the watch?

The watch supports OTA upgrade, and the installation package is downloaded from the mobile network to complete the upgrade.

Before upgrading, you need to have your watch meet the following criteria:

(1) The power is kept above 50%

(2) The SIM card with the Internet access function is placed inside the watch, and the watch is in the 3G/4G network state.

Why cant I get a watch phone or cant locate it?

The watch cannot be called or cannot be located. The possible reasons are as follows:

1) SIM card owed for watches

2) The watch number is added incorrectly. The watch cannot be called.

The possible reasons are as follows:

1) The watch does not turn on the caller ID function.

2) The calling number is not added to the whitelist.

3) The dual-card mobile phone uses the secondary card to register the account and bind the watch.

How much traffic does the HT-790 consume per month?
In normal use, the watch end consumes approximately 30M of traffic per month. The specific traffic varies depending on the frequency of use by each individual.
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