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Designed for Elderly 2G GPS Watch

Heart Rate   /   Multiple Position Mode   /   GSM Call

Stylish & New Generation

Designed for personal safety

Compact, seamless and light-weight, giving you peace of mind no matter sleeping / resting, It is scratch-proof, made from high-quality and soft silicon wristband, comforting from any angle.

Precise Heart Rate Monitoring

Caring your wellness

Measuring dynamic/ resting heart rate are significant, tracking daily heart beating, sync data and share with your loving ones.

Falls Detection For Better Protection

Receive alert immediately

In case of any unexpected incidents or falls in accident, it calls preset SOS number to alert someone for help.

Swift chatting in reach

Connecting Simply, caring companion

Wechat instantly by sending voice/ message from the APP to your caring ones.

Hundreds of thousands of elderly Getting Lost

Allowing you to track your parents’ real-time locations
Set Geo-fence

Create safety area to receive alert when
out of the fence

Live Position

Multiple position modes visible from the

Historical Route Track

See their daily activity and know where
they have been all day

Smart Reminding Assistant

Sedentary / Medication

Sedentary reminding

Check activity status automatically and reminding in sedentary

Medication reminding

Upon medication, push message/voice to alert

Bi-directional Phone Call

With built-in SIM
Blocked Calls

Only added number from the APP can make
/receive calls


Clear & loud sound through high-quality

Remote Voice Monitoring

Listen-in Technology allows us to track
personal safety in emergency

Sleep monitoring for better care

Checking data the App

Monitoring sleeping duration and quality, sync to the App automatically to check data and help improve sleeping quality.

user-friendly operation

Simple control

One-touch display to switch menu with big fonts and clear audio.

Pedometer Tracking, Essential for health-care monitoring

Recording workout

With pedometer functionality, you can check steps and distance they travelled from the APP.

Long stand-by battery, Low battery alert

Worry free

Standby 5 days batteries, lasting longer to avoid charging frequently. Push alert in low battery mode to charge.
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