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Kids GPS Watch HT-772

Electronic Fence  /  Real time positioning  /  Dual way talk

New upgrade, more care for kids, let them enjoy their childhood freely

Multi tracking mode, more accuracy.

Professional GPS chipset, track your child at faster speed.

Support GPS,LBS and AGPS positioning, allow us to locate the tracker using the most acccurate location information, both indoors and outside.

Will you worry about children's safety?

It can make you enjoy a piece of mind with knowing exactly where your children are.
Electronic Fence

You will receive an alert when your child moves outside
of the designed area.

Historical Playback

Check the places where the wearer has been to within
30 days.

Disable in the class

Focus on learning easily

Parents can set the disable time according to class time, when the kid is in class time, the watch features are not available to ensure the normal order of school.


The watch can record the steps by the day to know Children's activities.

Appropriate amount of physical exercise can calculate the steps of children daily,then the parents can get the status of their daily exercise by App. Which help children grow healthier, make your child built up a good sports habit.

voice message,let you talk smoothly

Let children keep away from the phone and concentrate on studying
Dual-way communication

Quick dial keys to make calls, or make calls from phone book, to
make phone call freely.


Parents can chat with the child to know this situation even they
are far away from the kid.

Remotely shut down

Avoid watch were shut down, ensure kids in safety.

only be turned off by the APP(when the watch works normally, you can't turn it off by pressing the power button).Which ensure that kids can ask for help when meet dangerous.

Fashion and Novel appearance

Special design, comfortable straps, catch children's eyes.

1.3 inch colorful touch screen, unique UI and attractive dial, offer a better visual experience for children.

High capacity battery, Long battery life

Save time of charging, give more convenience for wearing.

We have the intelligent power saving mode, energy-saving and environment-friendly.When the power is lower than 20%,the watch will send message to App.

Alarm clock

Have a consistent schedule

Can set three alarm clocks in the watch through APPs(from Monday to Sunday).

Multiple functions, more safety for kids

Make the children grop up more healthily and more happily
Call firewal

With this call firewall function,except the family
numbers,other phone number cannot call the

Find the watch

The watch will have a bell ringing one minute after
receiving the find watch command sent from APPs.
Press any key in the watch to stop ringing.

One button for SOS

It can set 3 contacts for SOS calling. Once the user
in danger, they can press SOS key to ask these 3
contacts for help.
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